The Father’s House has an outward focus to continually reach out to those who desire to be in “Right Standing with God”.  We are placed in right standing with God through entrusting our total well-being to Jesus Christ.  Eternal life is given to us through what Jesus did by His death, burial, and resurrection.  Right standing with God is a matter of His mercy and grace, and we receive it through faith, not by our good works.

The ministry of the Holy Spirit is welcome in the Father’s House.  As a congregation we want to remain yielded to Him and open to His direction in the church and our personal lives.  The Holy Spirit manifests His presence through many different gifts and phenomenon including being born again by accepting and receiving the gift of eternal life though Jesus Christ, receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit and His empowerment in their lives, physical and emotional healings, and freedom from bondage. 

Prayer is a foundation stone in our relationship with God.  The Father’s House is devoted to a life of prayer for its members, both collectively and individually, as children of God.

Worship is an expression of our love and devotion to God.  Pure worship comes from a pure heart that exhibits humility and complete dependence on God as our provider.

The Bible is the written word of God.  We are committed to the public reading and teaching of scripture in the congregation.  Through the Bible, God communicates to us His thoughts and plans for our lives.

Baptism is not required for salvation but is an outward sign of our inward conversion.  As a Christian, baptism plays an important role in our devotion to God.  Through baptism we demonstrate to God and people that we have surrendered our life to Him.

Spiritual maturity is our personal journey with God where He, through the power of the Holy Spirit, heals us emotionally, sets us free from bondage, and deepens our relationship with Him.  The definition of true spirituality is to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength; and love your neighbor as yourself. This will require a lifetime of growing in patience, mercy, and grace.

Active ministry is the customary outcome for a Christian.  God’s desire is to have His children involved in proclaiming his good news using both their natural and supernatural gifts.  The Father’s House is dedicated to helping Christians grow and use their gifts in a responsible and humble manner.