Lighthouse Prayer Ministry

Lighthouse Ministry
The Abraham Lighthouse 11:00 pm
The Salazar/Berrios Lighthouse 10:00 am
The Munoz/Amore Lighthouse 1:00 pm
The Hartman/Winton Lighthouse 6:00 - 8:00 pm
The Chaboya Lighthouse 10:00 pm
The Waidell Lighthouse 2:00 pm
The Ramirez Lighthouse 7:00 pm
The Matthews Lighthouse 7:00 pm
The Norris/Lomeli Lighthouse 6:00 am
The Zuniga Lighthouse 1:00 pm
The Dickerson Lighthouse 6:00 pm
The Corona Lighthouse 7:00 pm
The Chatman/Davis Lighthouse  8:00 pm
The Robinson Lighthouse 6:00 am
The Deaton Lighthouse 9:00 am
The Martinez Lighthouse 1:00 pm
The Lierman Lighthouse 3:30 pm


Start your own Lighthouse.  It takes (minimum) 2 people.  Pick a day of the week and 1 hour of that day pray.  Pray for our church, the churches of the area, our City, our State, our Nation and our World.  Pray for God to bring a revival to His people.